What Is The Ground Clearance Of Mitsubishi - Mirage?

The ground clearance of the Mitsubishi Mirage is 5.5 inches (140 mm).
Date Published: Apr 22, 2023

About the vehicle

The Mitsubishi Mirage is a reliable and fuel-efficient sedan. It has an attractive exterior design with modern accents, making it perfect for daily commuters. In terms of performance, the Mirage offers a smooth ride with responsive handling, making it great for city driving. With its practical features, this model is a great option for those looking for a dependable car on a budget. Key Features:
Feature Description
Fuel Efficiency Excellent fuel economy, up to 37 mpg highway
Safety Features 7 airbags and advanced safety technology, including blind spot monitoring and rear cross traffic alert
Comfort Features Available heated power side mirrors, power windows, and automatic climate control
Performance 78 hp 1.2 L 3-cylinder engine with a CVT transmission

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