What Is The Ground Clearance Of VIEW TRAVELLER 2.8L?

The ground clearance of the View Traveller 2.8L is 170mm.
Date Published: Apr 15, 2023

About the vehicle

The VIEW Traveller 2.8L is an advanced, modern car that offers a wealth of features for a comfortable and safe ride. It comes with a powerful 2.8L engine, automatic transmission, keyless entry, integrated navigation system, advanced infotainment system, a reverse camera, and an adjustable suspension. Additionally, it features driver-assist technologies like lane-keeping assist, adaptive cruise control, and blind spot monitoring.
2.8L engineProduces powerful performance with great fuel efficiency
Automatic transmissionProvides smooth shifting with improved fuel economy
Keyless entryAllows access to the car without using keys
Integrated navigation systemEnables users to plan and follow routes with ease
Advanced infotainment systemHigh-resolution touchscreen displays with intuitive controls
Reverse cameraMakes it easier to park in tight spaces
Adjustable suspensionOffers customizable handling for different road surfaces
Lane-keeping assistHelps keep the vehicle within its lane
Adaptive cruise controlMaintains a safe distance from other vehicles on the road
Blind spot monitoringAlerts the driver when objects enter the vehicle's blind spot