What Is The Ground Clearance Of SPARK PREMIERE?

The ground clearance of the SPARK PREMIERE is 6.2 inches (157 mm).
Date Published: Apr 15, 2023

About the vehicle

The SPARK PREMIERE is a revolutionary new car released in 2023 that offers next-level convenience and safety. It has a sleek, modern design and is equipped with advanced technology for the best driving experience. Key features include:
Adaptive Cruise ControlMaintains a safe distance from other vehicles using sensors and radar.
Lane AssistDetects lane lines and keeps you within your lane while driving.
Automatic Emergency BrakingApplies brakes automatically when a potential collision is detected.
Autonomous ParkingAutomatically parks itself after scanning for available parking spots.
360-degree CamerasProvides a full view of the car's surroundings to assist in parking and detecting obstacles.
Voice-Activated Navigation and MediaAllows you to control the car's navigation and media system with voice commands.

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