What Is The Ground Clearance Of Toyota - Hi-Lux 4x4?

The ground clearance of the Toyota Hi-Lux 4x4 is 9.1 inches.
Date Published: Apr 02, 2023

About the vehicle

The Toyota Hi-Lux 4x4 is a rugged and reliable mid-sized pick-up truck designed to meet the needs of modern adventurers. It features a powerful engine, advanced safety features, and a comfortable interior cabin with plenty of storage space. Key features include:
EngineA 2.8 litre turbo diesel engine with up to 150 kW of power.
SafetyAdvanced safety systems including lane departure warning, blind spot monitoring, and autonomous emergency braking.
InteriorComfortable interior cabin with plenty of storage space.
All-Wheel Drive (AWD)Electronically controlled AWD system for improved traction in all terrain.
DurabilityRugged and reliable design for off-road use.

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