What Is The Transmission Type Of Liebherr R916LC Hydraulic Excavator (SBM Leasing)? Is It Automatic Or Manual?

The Liebherr R916LC Hydraulic Excavator (SBM Leasing) is equipped with an Automatic Power Shift transmission.
Date Published: Mar 28, 2023

About the vehicle

The Liebherr R916LC Hydraulic Excavator (SBM Leasing) is an advanced piece of construction machinery designed for maximum efficiency and power. This excavator is powered by a 6-cylinder Liebherr diesel engine that produces up to 230 kW (308hp) of power and has an operating weight of around 25,500 kg. It has a standard boom length of 10.5 m and a dipper reach of 8.6 m, making it ideal for digging deep trenches and foundations. The excavator also features a range of safety features, including a fire suppression system, quick-change bucket system, and auto-shutdown systems. Key Features:
Feature Details
Engine 6-Cylinder Liebherr Diesel Engine; 230 kW (308 hp)
Operating Weight 25,500 kg
Boom Length 10.5 m
Dipper Reach 8.6 m
Safety Features Fire Suppression System; Quick-Change Bucket System; Auto-Shutdown Systems

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