What Is The Ground Clearance Of XGMA XG6102 Vibratory Road Roller (SBM Leasing)?

The ground clearance of the XGMA XG6102 Vibratory Road Roller (SBM Leasing) is 428 mm (16.85 in).
Date Published: Mar 28, 2023

About the vehicle

The XGMA XG6102 Vibratory Road Roller is a reliable and powerful tool for compressing asphalt surfaces. It is designed with a water-cooled, four-cylinder diesel engine that has excellent power and torque. The machine features an advanced hydraulic system, adjustable vibration speed, and a reversible drive system. With a low ground clearance and efficient vibration system, the XGMA XG6102 is perfect for finishing off asphalt surfaces quickly and efficiently. Key Features:
Feature Description
Water-cooled, four-cylinder diesel engine Provides excellent power and torque
Advanced hydraulic system Enables smooth control of the machine
Adjustable vibration speed Ideal for different types of asphalt surfaces
Reversible drive system For easy maneuverability
Low ground clearance Ideal for working on uneven terrain
Efficient vibration system For fast and efficient compaction of asphalt surfaces

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