What Is The Ground Clearance Of Ford - Ranger DBL 3.2L?

The ground clearance of the Ford - Ranger DBL 3.2L is 8.9 inches.
Date Published: Mar 23, 2023

About the vehicle

The Ford Ranger DBL 3.2L is a powerful, efficient and stylish pickup truck perfect for any lifestyle. It offers an impressive 3.2L engine, providing an impressive towing capacity of up to 7500lbs, and a fuel economy of 26 MPG highway and 20 MPG city. The Ranger DBL 3.2L also features a luxurious interior with leather upholstery, heated power-adjustable seats, and a 6-speaker audio system. The exterior features a bold new design with LED headlights, tail lights, and fog lights. Key Features:
3.2L Engine Towing Capacity of up to 7500lbs Fuel Economy of 26 MPG Highway/20 MPG City
Leather Upholstery Heated Power-Adjustable Seats 6-Speaker Audio System
LED Headlights, Tail Lights and Fog Lights

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